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Guillermo Aymerich


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  1. spicypainter

    "to live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself".

    georges perec

  2. since the 80´s he has carried out 35 solo exhibitions and participated in almost 200 collective ones all over the world.

    but it was in 1994, during his stay in new york city when he started developing specific painting projects in relation with one place, always focusing in the many existing relationships between painting and photography.

    because of this, he is always in the need of continuous traveling, looking for special inputs in any specific location he arrives to.

    he has created artwork series from new york, bavarian alps, french brittany, galicia, desert of cabo de gata, north east of brazil, shanghai, north of morocco, beijing, western bohemia, balkan mountains in bosnia & herzegovina, inner mongolia, hong kong, south korea, osaka… crossing the asian ecuador from malaysia to indonesia in order to find new locations.

    all his destinations are carefully chosen by himself prior to the trip, drawing self created relationships of geometry or positional links on a map.

    all of the places have given him the possibility to apply the same kind of “work in process”.

    however, the result of the series differs, even though the concept remains the same, depending on the selected location.

    after several trips and Artwork series, he wrote the book “one method for thinking the space”, where he makes an approach on how the series were made and how his own method developed through time and places.

    his Artworks are in 33 museums also in several institutions and numerous private collections.

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