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  1. [PDC] palettes of color, 2001. las hortichuelas

    set of 42 pieces, variable dimensions
    。central: oil painting-linen
    frame: 36 pictures R3 trimmed and pricked with pins/wood
    attached: 6 oil paintings-wood with perforations

    punctured painting

  2. thorny becoming support, but also tool, vocabulary and conditions of work.

    combining ambient from plenty light with shadow from backlighting into an American night effect.

    projections of shades of a succulent vegetal species on a second plant  to form a line of perforations made with thorns coming from a third species else.

  3. details:

  4. 197 x 169 cm - 77.55 x 66.53 in

  5. frame I

    frame I

    19,7 x 28,3 cm - 7.55 x 11.14 in each

  6. 63,5 x 63,5 cm - 25 x 25 in each

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